Visit to New Zealand, part 3

I know this isn’t technically part of our trip to New Zealand, but I didn’t really want to make a whole separate post for these photos I took before we left. December was unseasonably warm, so one evening while Ben worked late, I took the kids on a post-dinner walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the lights on people’s houses. I love our new neighborhood — lots of friendly people, and people really seem to take pride in keeping their properties looking nice and tidy (or decorating for the season!).

Marica took part in our homeschool co-op’s Entrepreneurial Fair again last year, expanding a bit on our inventory from the previous year, and made about double the amount of money we made last year. Well done, girl!

Back to New Zealand, now. :-)

It was really great to be able to spend Christmas with family. As is my family’s custom, we did our gift-giving celebrations on Christmas Eve, after going to church with my parents. Marica and Esther shared the handing out of gifts, and it was a joy to see people open their gifts, especially the kids’ eager excitement.

On Christmas Day we went to church in the morning and after that to Ben’s parents’ place along with a whole bunch of other family to celebrate. The weather was nice and warm, so the barbecue and salad lunch and the water balloon volleyball in the park after lunch worked well! (Everyone here in the States who I told about our Christmas just couldn’t believe that you could have a barbecue for Christmas!)

Again, it was such a delight to be able to spend the day with people we love.

Next week will be the last post on our trip to NZ. I know you’re all waiting with bated breath. :-)

5 thoughts on “Visit to New Zealand, part 3

  1. That Sylvanian family puzzle (?) or is it the actual characters (?) Esther has looks lovely! I remember enjoying a puzzle of Sylvanians when I was little. Can I come over and reminisce with her? :)

    • They’re the actual characters. We’ve slowly over the last few years’ Christmases and birthdays accumulated a pretty good collection of Sylvanian family furniture and characters. You’d welcome to come play with them. :-)

  2. My mouth waters just remembering that Christmas dinner. And what a caption for the one with Benjamin holding the basket of water balloons!!!!

  3. Isn’t it lovely that we can still enjoy the visual aspects of wonderful memories later on – the smell of that BBQ and fresh bread almost accompanies the Christmas dinner photo; and the gingerbread men displayed at Marica’s sales table are a visual delight! Bryan laying an egg was another kind of delight. :-)

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