Frog Pond Science Club

I signed Marica and Esther up for a “Frog Pond Science Club” class at the Essex County Environmental Center, which is about a half hour drive from our house heading into the mountains. Once you get past Newark, it’s a beautiful drive, especially this time of the year with all the autumn colours. The class meets once every month and they do fun things like catch frogs and tadpoles and then study them.

Last time we went, the teacher brought a toad into the lab and fed him earthworms, so the parents got to watch too. Laurelin was fascinated!

DSC_1287 (Large) DSC_1292 (Large) DSC_1294 (Large)

Talking about Laurelin: while the two older girls are busy with their class, she and I get to hang out under the trees, lax out on deck chairs and explore. The class meets from 4 till 5pm, which is not ideal in terms of driving that time of day, but it’s so refreshing to get out in nature that I count it a trip well worth our time!


2 thoughts on “Frog Pond Science Club

  1. So much fun and educational at that! This is pure home schooling at it’s best. Pretty good Franci for a mom who was sure that she did NOT want to home school. You are a pro at it.

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