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Everyday beauty

Franci 10 Apr 2014 Family

It’s so easy to become complacent, to not notice the beauty around us.

The beauty in the messes of little kids, because those kids are kids you love, and because they won’t be little forever.

Pretty flowers.

Happy lovers, bowed with age, taking a shuffling walk together — one hand holding a cane, the other holding the hand of their love.

A stranger offering a seat on a crowded bus.

A child who grasps a new learning concept.

The smell of a freshly ironed shirt.

A cozy fire.

The beauty of a baby enjoying her food.

The beauty of dad coming home.

(I took this video simply to have a record of how Laurelin enjoyed her meat, but then in the process captured a lovely glimpse into the kids’ running around and their excitement at seeing Ben’s bus stop across the road and him coming home.)

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lianahavelaar 10 Apr 2014 at 9:38pm

Beautiful, Franci - thanks for the “One Thousand Gifts” reminder.
Life is good, good - when we take time to notice the beauty.
You captured lovely moments - including the lover bringing flowers (everyday occurrence, is it?).
Almost looks like Laurelin is chewing on an old sock or something. :-P