On our way home

Though the term “home” is a strange one — maybe I should say we’re on our way to one of our homes? Poor Esther is so confused, having never known a different home than New York. Every time we got to a new hotel on our roadtrip, she’d ask with her little head cocked to the side: “Dith ith my houthe?” So I’ve had to explain to her how our new house is in New Zealand near Oupa and Ouma’s house. To which I got the response: “I thtay der? My azza houthe is gonn.”

I love the way she speaks. She does a lot of that nowadays, though Marica still wins hands down. If you ask Esther what the snake says, she’ll tell you, “Th, th, th!” or if she pretends to be asleep/snoring she goes “Ggg th, gggg th, ggg th.”

I’m sitting here in LAX awaiting our flight. We got here nice and early to avoid crazy Los Angeles traffic, which was a good move — rather early than late! Los Angeles traffic is a real beast, and dare I say it — worse than New York!

We’ve had no shortage of perks these last two months on our roadtrip. Some of the highlights I’d say would  be the Utah national parks, and the visits with family. No doubt Marica would tell you the highlight was going to Disneyland this past Saturday! I do hope to catch up with the holiday posts once we’re back and have unpacked some things!

5 thoughts on “On our way home

  1. All the best! I love you guys so much, and you’d better believe the minute I have free time and the money for a flight, I will be there in a heart beat! I miss you, and I wish I could be there to hear Esther talk so much. Every time I cook, I think of Franci. Every time I hear someone talking about computer nerdery, I think of Ben. Every time I read a book or make a craft or do any other fun thing I think of the girls. You guys were a rich blessing to my life! See you on Skype!

  2. We certainly enjoyed our time with you and will “pray you on the way” as you travel back to NZ. Give our best to Bruce and Lois–and the rest of the Hoyts.

  3. Yes, definitely confusing for little ones. Sometimes Abel and Natalie still ask me questions about our house in NY. Praying for you all to settle back in.

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