The beauty of a farmers’ market

I love markets of any kind, but I especially like farmers’ markets. I can’t explain it — they just make me happy in the same way that flowers make me happy. On Saturdays there is a farmers’ market at Prospect Park, and we’ve been there a couple of times.

Last time we were there, I took some photos.

A small sample of some of the foods they sell:

They sell plants too, that vary according to the season (before Christmas they sell wreaths and Christmas trees).

New York doesn’t have a council-run compost collection system, so if you’re particularly concerned about that, you can bring your compost to the market.

There was even a group doing Irish/Country music,

and a puppeteer.

Maybe you think I’m strange, but I think farmers’ markets are beautiful!

2 thoughts on “The beauty of a farmers’ market

  1. I don’t think that’s strange at all! I am the same way – markets and flowers make me happy :) love the photos, everything looks so colorful and fun. The farmer’s market I went to downtown last weekend where I live had live music too and I think that’s always a great addition.

  2. I should take my camera every time I go to one. I’ve gotten some great pictures (as you certainly did). We’ll have to take you to the Knoxville one when you’re here. It’s smallish but nice.

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