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An uncultured laugh (specially for April Fool’s day)

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When I went to The Cloisters with Hannah and Eva, there were a few sculptures/carvings that I took pictures of purely to post on here with funny comments, because they sure made us crack up. My apologies go to the artists who did not create their masterpieces for us to laugh at, and to those of you who find Roman Catholic artefacts more meaningful than un-cultured moi.

I have to apologise for the low quality of some of the photos because flash photography was not allowed in the museum, and the lighting in there wasn’t always the best.

First off, we have John the Baptist on his cell phone. I bet you didn’t know that they had those around in his time!

This is Mary Magdalene (I think) showing us how you shake a cocktail.

I have no idea what these holes in the wall was at the front of one of the chapels, but it sure looks as if Mickey Mouse had run through the wall!

In the stocks! On the other side of the chapel were these holes that looked just like stocks. We placed Hannah in them to demonstrate how to look stylish in the stocks.

“I can’t hold this much longer!” The face of the little guy on the very bottom left looks so concerned to me, and they both look like they’re about at the end of what they can handle with holding all that weight! But then, I’d be concerned too if I was in such close proximity to a beast like that.

I shouldn’t have had that 359th coffee!! I can’t sleep! I can feel my heart racing!

These two seem to be sharing some sort of inside joke. (Maybe they’re laughing about the time she had her prosthetic hand on and then let Herod’s soldier shake it. You should have seen his face when it came off — never saw a soldier run that fast!)

This guy is looking pretty concerned about his alabaster friend who seems to have lost his head. “Horace! Horace, is that you?!”

And it would seem that putting your fingers in your mouth and pulling a face has been around for a long time. This guy was hiding beneath a prayer bench seat that could fold down.

Okay, that is enough irreverence for now. :-) But hey, who said museums are boring?!

Comments (3)

Bruce Hoyt 1 Apr 2011 at 1:55pm

Your thoughts on these icons are priceless — had a good belly laugh.

Hannah 4 Apr 2011 at 9:33am

Love the 359th coffee. I didn’t see that one, but it’s hilarious in the context of the week’s humor. And thanks for the rest of the humor even if I read it several days after April 1st.

Eva 4 Apr 2011 at 1:02pm

Hilarious! The pictures are funny, but your comments combined with the photos made for a lot of out-loud laughter.