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Taking a little break

Franci 23 Nov 2010 Blogging

Just thought I’d let everyone know that we’re taking a little blogging holiday over the Thanksgiving break. We’ll be back next week!

I’m also then going to a 3-day a week blogging schedule. I’m finding it a bit difficult to keep up with the demands of a household with 2 small children as well as rolling out a blog post per day.

To our American readers: have a blessed Thanksgiving!

To them and everyone else: enjoy the hectic havoc that the end of the year brings! Don’t begrudge it — it’s the time of the year the best kinds of memories are made. Don’t spoil them.

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Sally Davey 23 Nov 2010 at 1:00pm

A blessed Thanksgiving, Franci (I think it is a wonderful day, too - I very much appreciated my three in the U.S). It can be a time of thoroughly Christian reflection on all God has given us. (And non-commercial, too).

Do hope all went well with your surgery. What a sudden turn of events! (I guess if you are writing you are doing well).

Blitzie sends her love. She says:

“I still love possum-hunting, and every night I race around the garden sniffing to check there aren’t any eating the roses. It is FUN! Paul and I have caught 6 or 8 so far! I even smelled one up a tree way up the farm one afternoon when Sally was taking me for a walk, and so we marked the place and went and got Paul. He brought his gun and shot it for me! The only problem is that Paul and Sally are telling me they don’t like my rock game. They don’t seem to take any notice when I bring them rocks. They say things like ‘It makes holes in the lawn’ or ‘Grown-up dogs that want to live on farms don’t do silly things like that.’ They have told me I have to choose another hobby. Oh, well.”

Please give our love to Wayne and Joan -

And love to you all, Sally

Ben 23 Nov 2010 at 5:18pm

Thanks, Sally. (I responded to you via email too.) Huh, crazy that Blitzie is *still* doing her rock thing. Anyway, Franci’s sore and tired but recovering well. She actually scheduled that post last week to self-publish this week. The wonders of blogging software. :-)