Your feedback, please

With this post, I’m going to ask our subscribers and readers to give us some feedback.

We normally post stuff like what we’ve been up to, interesting or funny things we’ve seen, photos of the kids and stuff like that, but I was thinking it would be nice to know some of your suggestions. So, two questions:

What would you like to see more of on the blog? Would you like to hear our views on certain topics? Any burning questions that we can tell you about? More about life in New York or the States?

What do you think of our frequency of posting? At the moment we post Monday to Friday. Do you like that many posts and photos, or do you have enough stuff to read in ye olde Information Age and would rather the posts came a bit less frequently, say one or two days per week?

Add a comment in the comments section below and let us know! Or you can email us here if you’d prefer.

7 thoughts on “Your feedback, please

  1. More about NYC is great (as are photos), but anything is good. Your posts give me a glimpse into your daily life: your setting, your adventures, your friends, your girls, your surprises and disappointments…if I can’t see you on a regular basis while you’re in the US, at least I can begin to picture where you are and have some “conversation” about it. In other words, your blog increases my desire to visit a city I haven’t longed to see more of and cousins I would love to see more of. So, please don’t post less frequently! I have plenty to read elsewhere but that won’t keep me from checking back here often.

  2. More about NYC is cool — that’s usually the most interesting stuff. I skip the ones I’m not interested in, so the frequency doesn’t bother me too, but on the other hand I wouldn’t complain about slightly fewer posts (quality vs. quantity, not that there’s anything wrong with the quality currently!)

    You’re doing pretty well keeping it up Monday to Friday!

  3. We like to hear of your daily activities, about the children, and your photos, especially of New York life. I personally wouldn’t mind hearing about your views of American life, about Ben’s work life, and even an occasional political observation.

    Thanks for the blog; it’s great!

  4. I love how it is. I’d like to keep hearing what is going on in your lives, especially while I am out of state for the next month, basically. :)

  5. Franci, keep them coming! NYC stuff is great. Family stuff is great. Photos keep us in touch with rapidly growing children — and of course your own lovely smile!!

  6. I like it! I don’t mind the frequency either, in part because you’re an interesting writer, but also because you have a good mix of text and pictures. Your typical post is not super long, so I have time to read it even if posts are multiple days a week. I enjoy getting a glimpse of your NYC time (life in a big city, perspective on America) as well as getting to know snippets about your family that have nothing to do with location.

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