Esther’s new favourite toy

Esther loves water. She has also recently started pulling herself up on things. I guess it is to be expected that she would have found the toilet very entertaining!

Esther and the toilet seem to have a magnetic attraction to each other. Esther regularly goes into the bathroom to see if some negligent soul has made her day and forgot to put the toilet lid down, and then she makes a bee-line for it.

I will hear faint splashing noises and for some reason it always takes me a little while to click where that noise is coming from and what it means. I would then walk into the bathroom and see one very happy girl… who soon is not so happy anymore getting her hands thoroughly washed!

I’m sure this is genetic. Her father, at about the same age, would crawl into the laundry to suck on the dirty nappies soaking before a wash!

8 thoughts on “Esther’s new favourite toy

  1. At least you don’t have older children who regularly leave the toilet unflushed! Or is Marica occasionally guilty of that? It makes the entertainment turn into a full-0n bathroom clean, plus washing clothes, plus a bath!

  2. Oh great – Hendrik also loves to pull himself up to things, and he loves water (grew to like it while we were spending time in hot U.S.A.) So guess what we have to look forward to soon!!

  3. I was just going to say that I hope the negligent soul who forgot to put down the toilet lid did not also forget to flush it. But Lydia has covered that point well!
    Lovely photos!

  4. hahahahahah AWWW thats just the cutest eva ..:) its not everyday you get a picture like that with a smile lol .! :) love angelique

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