Happiness in a box

Yesterday afternoon was pretty grey, but then the rainy gloom was seriously cheered up by a special package from Oupa and Ouma Voges. It was filled with special goodies for all of us. Just check this out!

A special outfit each for the kids, bonjela for Esther (phew), a special hand-knitted jersey for Marica, a couple of cute golliwogs and some edible goodies and pretty serviettes.

Just check out the beautiful hand embroidery Ouma did!

The cute golliwogs, who I think from now on will be referred to as Bi Golly.

The kids enjoying them.

Thank you, Oupa and Ouma!

And thanks to those of you who have also blessed us with cards and packages — we really, really appreciate them!

2 thoughts on “Happiness in a box

  1. I love it! The golliwogs remind me of the dolls my mommy made me when I was younger because we couldn’t afford store-bought dolls! That is so wonderful! Also, I love the embroidery and knit-work, so lovely! Have a blessed and highly flavored day!

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