East Wind Over Weehawken

The other night we had our temporary landlord over for dinner and as well as having a lovely time, we also found out a bit about some of the art around here. The big painting in the dining room is a replica of The Storm by Pierre Auguste Cot.


We should go check it out at the Met sometime!

Another very interesting thing we found out was that a painting by Edward Hopper that depicts this house sold at Christie’s last year for $36 million ($40.5 million with fees!). It’s called East Wind Over Weehawken and was painted during the Depression.


Here is what it looks like these days:

DSC_0952 (Large)

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3 thoughts on “East Wind Over Weehawken

  1. Why did they flatten out the houses (from painting to photo) or have those houses been completely rebuilt?

  2. So the painting is of the house you’re staying in?
    Speaking of the Met, we are reading a book which has the Met as the main setting … I’ve been meaning to tell you about it, for Marica’s education ;-), but was waiting to pass judgment on the book till we’ve read it all …
    But we’re enjoying it so far. It’s called “From the mixed-up files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler” by E L Konigsburg.

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