Little Peach Fuzz

It’s so much fun to have a baby in the house! (Especially now that I’m getting more sleep.)

DSC_0795 (Large)

Laurelin is the cause of many laughs, hugs and smiles.

DSC_0807 (Large)

DSC_0811 (Large)

Her sisters dote on her (and so do her parents!).

DSC_0823 (Large)

Her hair seems to be growing in a way that defies gravity. We call her Little Peach Fuzz because of it.

DSC_0735 (Large)

Laurelin doesn’t like being alone — I guess that’s part and parcel of being the 3rd child!

DSC_0814 (Large)

She’s just too dang cute!

DSC_0834 (Large)

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4 Responses to Little Peach Fuzz

  1. I understand sweet and cuddly babies that get doted on by everyone else in the house!

  2. Alexia Hoyt says:

    too cute! LOVE her hair :)

  3. Laurel says:

    I’m so glad her sisters are able to enjoy her extra at this especially cute stage, with being at home a little more during the day – and that Mama is too, by getting enough sleep! Actually, so many things in life become more enjoyable when one gets enough sleep. :-)

  4. Lois Hoyt says:

    So wonderful to catch these special expressions with the camera. I’m glad you’re keeping up the good communication.

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