Guess who’s visiting us?

My parents! Right now I’m at home waiting for Ben to bring my parents home from the airport. We’re very excited to have them visit! We’re looking forward to taking a road trip with them while they’re here up to the Adirondacks, Niagara Falls and Pennsylvania. While they’re here for the rest of the month, blog posts may be a little patchy, so bear with me. :-)

A little holiday

Hey everyone, I’m going on a little computer holiday for the next week or so, so you won’t be getting blog posts, and I most likely won’t be replying to emails. If you need to contact me, I’ll probably be keeping skype on so you can contact me that way, or email Ben, or phone me. :-)

I’ll be back in September!

When the summer gives you heat…

eat popsicles!

It’s so delicious you have to let your arm and chin taste some too.

It hurts when you bite cold stuff with your teeth!

Look, Mum, a plane! (Depending on the wind direction, we get them coming over every 2 minutes or so to land at JFK.)

Interesting note: You might, or might not, be interested in knowing that this is our 200th blog post. Of those I’ve written 176, and Ben 24. I think I’m winning. :-) I’m amazed that there are 53 people who are subscribed to our blog and that over the last 15 months or so we’ve had 25,314 page views. I find that number quite staggering — we’re not that interesting! Thanks for your support, everyone!

And for a medical update… it’s sort of frustrating. Tests were done, some results were found, but no diagnosis made. My general doctor wants me to get a second opinion. So, that’s what I’ll do. Your prayers and thoughts have been appreciated, thanks!

Beautiful encouragement for the mothers among us

One of my favourite authors and bloggers (I’ve raved about her before) was invited by Desiring God ministries to write an article for them. I found it very encouraging and helpful, and I hope all the mothers who visit this blog will read this article — you will not be sorry! Rachel’s writing is always like a fresh breath of air in a stale room because she is real about the struggles and yet there is no pity-parties — instead a clear pointer to Christ and the gospel. Go read it! :-)

Scaling down

Some of you have probably seen this coming, but this is just a little announcement to say that I’m going to scale back a bit on blogging. In fact, I’m scaling down whatever time I’m spending on the computer in general. I have two beautiful girls who are going to be all grown up before I know it, and I do not want to have them remember me as mum-always-in-front-of-the-computer. I’ve had enough of saying to Marica, “Mamma will be done on the computer soon, just go play a bit more”.

I have realised that I’m often spending time on the computer when I don’t need to. There is absolutely no point in having my philosophy about not having a TV if I simply use the computer for the same thing (zoning out, mindless entertainment, pointless link-hopping or perusing Facebook or the news).

Life is precious, and it needs to be lived, breathed, tasted, and ferociously hugged. Spring is coming. There are noses to be wiped, parks to be explored, books to be read.

I am a mother with the extravagant privilege of being home with my kids. If I’m present in body but not present in mind, I might as well put them in daycare and go get a job. Yet I have realised that I spend too much time looking at things on the computer. Interesting things, worthwhile things and blogs; keeping in touch — I don’t play games (anymore!) or read celebrity gossip.  It’s not as if I spend all, or even most of my time at the computer. But for me and my kids, it’s been too much. I want to be free from it, so that if a day or two goes by without me checking my email, it doesn’t feel like I’m going to go into withdrawal. I want to live deliberately.

I’m not saying that I’m renouncing the computer! On the contrary, I’m renouncing the way I have been using it. It is a tool to be used, and a necessary part of modern-day life. Like my very wise husband said when I talked to him about this, “Well, blogging was made for man, not man for blogging.” So, I will still email, and I will still blog, but not if it puts my family on hold. I will not stick to some blog schedule, I will blog sporadically. Some weeks you might get one post (or none) and other weeks you might get 5 (unlikely). Hopefully this way the posts are a bit more interesting too. :-)

If you feel you’re not staying in touch enough with what we’re up to, by all means flick us an email. We’ll appreciate it, and we will reply. Skype is also a great means of staying in contact and we use it regularly, so feel free to call. Our Skype name is “benhoyt”. We still update the funny things Marica says on Twitter, and every now and then we put new photos on Flickr.

So long, until next time!

Oh yes, I have a blog.

That’s how it feels to me sometimes when I realise that all my scheduled posts have run out, and my drafts folder is looking a bit emaciated. We run this blog mainly to stay in contact with family and friends back home in New Zealand to share what we’ve been up to, what we’re thinking about and stuff we like. Well, it turns out that sometimes our lives are just not quite exciting enough to warrant 3 blog posts a week! (How did I ever manage 5 posts a week?!) So, here’s a bit of a random one.

Here are a few tid-bits of information:

Esther is not interested in walking. Occasionally she’ll stand for a few seconds, but that’s about it.

I just ate some delicious Lindt chocolate that I got for Valentine’s day from a man who is not my husband. Okay, if you have to know, it was from the guy in his 50’s who lives in the apartment above us.

The weather is warming up. This is not necesarily reflected by actual temperatures but because I believe it is. It is March now, after all. If I just believe hard enough, it will happen eventually! :-)

Marica is growing up too fast. She enjoys learning, being read to, watching DVDs and spinning herself round and round for ages. I tried it the other afternoon and after about 30 seconds I fell down on the floor. I felt sick for the rest of the afternoon.

Colds are working their way through our house again. I’m the only one still standing. I guess it will come knock me over one of these days. I faithfully take my vitamin C in preparation.

My parents have tickets to come visit us in October! I’m SO excited!

Other visitors we’re excited about having soon: Hannah and Eva in March, Dad Hoyt in April, an old friend from primary school briefly in September. A certain prospective in-law has promised his appearance sometime in the near future too. :-)

We’re thinking of going camping in New England in the summer for a week or so. Anyone know some good spots?

And because a blog post is just so dreary without a photo, I’ll post you a pic of me and my friend Anna Banana from Indiana whom we met at a playground last summer, who has unfortunately moved back to Indiana now. We’ll miss her a lot.

Anna, her sister and her mum came past our place to say goodbye. If you’ve sent us a card, can you spot yours in the background?

Glitches do happen

For some reason our previous post about the happy occurrence of our 6th wedding anniversary had a few glitches — not the whole post I had done showed up, missing a kind of special part, and for some inexplicable reason comments were turned off (I’ve fixed that now). So, sorry ’bout that.

The special part that was missing was a paragraph at the end. It read something like this:

Today we’re not celebrating our anniversary in any kind of special way. Why? Because we’re going to celebrate a bit … later. As in, by going on a little jaunt away without the kids to the Caribbean!

We can hardly believe it ourselves.