We’re back!

The girls and I arrived safely back in New York City on Monday night after three flights over 26 hours. We had a fantastic time back in New Zealand reconnecting with friends and family and enjoying Jeremy and Lillian’s wedding, but we’re very happy to be home with Ben again!

I took over a thousand photos during the last 3 weeks, so I have a lot of photos to sort out and edit and turn into blog posts over the next few weeks. Jetlag has hit us pretty bad coming back here though, so it might take a little while. In the mean time I have a few pretty photos to share and some recipes in the draft blog post folder that will be coming out while I get back on track with life here.

It’s been 7 years

Today Ben and I celebrate 7 wonderful years of marriage. I can truly say that it gets better, deeper, and more beautiful to be married to Ben every single year. God has been so faithful and good to us by blessing our marriage, and we are thankful to Him for His enduring love.

Though… we are not celebrating our anniversary today. Today is the day that disappears off my calendar because of the wonder of air travel. I am somewhere up in the air between NYC and Christchurch, departing on the 14th, arriving on the 16th, but travelling only (!) 25 hours. It’s weird. But we’ll celebrate when I get back! I’m taking the girls to attend Jeremy and Lillian’s wedding and to visit with family for a bit. Ben unfortunately needs to stay because he doesn’t have enough leave days and because he’s stepping up into a new role at work that keeps him very busy.

While I’m away, I’m taking a break from regular blogging. Instead, I’m going to have a series of some of my favourite black and white pictures from the past year self-publish every day from tomorrow until the end of January. (You might recognise a number of the photos if you’re a regular here.) I will resume regular blogging again sometime in February.

Guess who’s visiting us?

My parents! Right now I’m at home waiting for Ben to bring my parents home from the airport. We’re very excited to have them visit! We’re looking forward to taking a road trip with them while they’re here up to the Adirondacks, Niagara Falls and Pennsylvania. While they’re here for the rest of the month, blog posts may be a little patchy, so bear with me. :-)