I visited Margaret and her family on a drizzly Sunday afternoon in January, and just had to take a photo of this plant in her garden. The water droplets seemed to just stick to it in such a pretty way!

I enjoy sharing pretty or interesting photos, but I must admit I sometimes think of it as a bit of  a ‘filler’ post until I can get around to doing a more substantial one! I’ve just had a very busy 2 weeks behind me with my friend, Lizel, visiting from South Africa. We had such a wonderful time together that blogging didn’t really feature, sorry! Though you can probably realise that I now have more blogging fodder than time, but I’ll let you in on some of our shenanigans when I get the chance!

3 thoughts on “Droplets

  1. Those droplets are “sticking” to the leaves with minimal attachment because the attractive force of the molecules on the leaf surface is less than that of the water molecules toward one another. If the attractive force of the leaves was greater than that of the water molecules then the droplets would flatten out and cover the surface of the leaf.

    A gardener has to deal with this fact if he wants to spray the leaves with some insecticide. He has to use a “wetting agent” so that the water will spread out and cover the leaves rather than remain in droplets as in your photo.

    Well, that’s some of the science explaining your photo. But of course explaining doesn’t take away from the beauty. To me it adds another dimension to that beauty.

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