If you’re ever feeling a bit glum…

and need a reason to put a smile on your face, then here are 2:

Now, let’s go pull radish together! Just watch out for thorny hedgehog! I love Chinglish!

(Special thanks to my friend Anna for taking these pictures for me!)

I hope to be back tomorrow with a post of our fun and full weekend.

4 thoughts on “If you’re ever feeling a bit glum…

  1. Long and long…that’s great. And garlic is good for all. Actually, this reminds me of a really great set of children’s books that shows you how to make animals with different vegetables. I think the ones I’ve seen are by Saxton Freymann:

    Fast Food
    Baby Food
    Dog Food
    How Are You Peeling?: Foods with Moods

    I’d highly recommend them if you can find them in your library. There might even be more along the same lines; I don’t know.

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